What's it like as a contractor in telecom?

Cognizant JzI3ii
Jun 26 2 Comments

My end goal is to get to FTE is this possible? Which telecom companies treat their contractors the best? Any ideas? Also, generally is visa sponsorship an issue? Thanks in advanced!


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  • T-Mobile / Eng FQkr26
    I know of a lot of contractors that converted to fte. I'm one myself, but that was in operations, not engineering. Unfortunately contractors tend to be treated as second class citizens for amenities on main campus due to parking issues.

    TMO is all for sponsoring folks for fte jobs here so don't let that get in the way of you applying, just be clear it is something you will need (there is an option on the application form to state if you require it). It takes a bit longer because of the legal vetting they do.
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  • Verizon / IT

    Verizon IT

    Brillio, Infosys
    I am also a contractor, I recently got a FTE position. It is totally possible, I also have friends who got into FAANG.
    Here being a contractor I don’t have privileges like a FTE, for me this has been the reason to move.

    And visa totally depends on the vender, if they apply for you then you are good.
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