What's it like at Wells Fargo?

Goldman Sachs C7BnRT
Apr 7 8 Comments

Give all the shit that's been going on with the CEO, how are you all doing? Is it business as usual?


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TOP 8 Comments
  • Wells Fargo oldtimer7
    Definitely not business as usual
    Apr 90
  • Rockwell Automation Scrumworks
    I had a initial HR round and it was for a senior level Scrum Master. I am glad the recruiter was honest but they didn’t want to pay more 110K in SF for the role. If they want senior level employees they need to invest. However , I have heard they pay contractors really well. The mindset is we can get rid of them anytime. But I know someone who has zero skills and works from home for Wells Fargo for the last 3 years as a contractor.
    Apr 80
  • Wells Fargo VuUJ88
    Nothing but a shit show at the top. Middle Management is cowering so nothing but cya is being done. They need to break this bank up.
    Apr 80
  • Wells Fargo KathyP
    Business as usual!
    Apr 80
  • Wells Fargo jpiX11
    It's a 5 star sh!t show!
    Apr 80
  • Wells Fargo ostrich1
    We have not done new work in over a year. They are too busy with their security theatre.
    Apr 80
  • Wells Fargo Herr Juju
    Company has basically grinded to halt, almost no new work being done. only work being done is day to day maintenance, support and risk assessment.
    Apr 80
  • Wells Fargo ostrich1
    More and more bureaucracy and paperwork.
    Apr 80

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