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What's it like at Zillow in eng?

Indeed jUrd72
Mar 13

How's the state of engineering? Wlb? Is Zillow a 9-5 shop or do they run core hours and come when you get there and work till you're done kinda place?


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  • Zillow Group / EnganKW36
    Wlb is great. Core hours, come when you want, leave when you want. Not unreasonable work loads.

    State of Eng changes depending on department. From my experience, Lots of bottom-up structure. So pros and cons with that (pro: a lot of autonomy, ability to make larger impact. Con: things can be a little messy).

    I’ve actually found it great for my mental health (easier going than elsewhere) and for growth (learning way more in terms of system design than I have anywhere else). I recommend it.
    Mar 141
    • Indeed jUrd72
      Good to know, thanks
  • Zillow Group / Eng🔥
    It really depends on the brand, team, and office the role is based out of.
    Mar 141
    • Zillow Group starcloud
      +1 to that. Each brand is totally different.
      Mar 14
  • Microsoft wuq123
    It is a pretty chill company but you won’t learn much. If you are early in your career and can work hard, look for another job.
    • Indeed jUrd72
      Can you explain a little? Do they stifle opportunities?
  • Indeed jUrd72
    Sea? ZO
    Mar 141
    • Zillow Group NDwB78
      ZO is doing some really interesting things to an aging industry and getting lots of resources as a company. Great team to join on paper IMO. In terms of WLB the company overall is great so I’d imagine ZO isn’t too different

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