What’s it like working at Epic Games??

Activision Blizzard VEQI24
May 22 10 Comments

This is a company that I’m sure many people are interested in. We don’t get to hear much since you guys are located pretty far away.

What’s it like working at epic? Would you recommend it as a company? How’s compensation? Do you like the location?


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TOP 10 Comments
  • Epic Games IAnm45
    We’re hiring :)
    May 22 2
    • Activision Blizzard VEQI24
      What roles? Can you tell me more about what it's like working at Epic?
      May 22
    • Google DocStrange
      They need someone that can develop a shopping cart.
      May 22
  • Airbnb avqx65
    I heard wlb is pretty terrible, not sure if tru tho
    May 22 1
    • New watrclr
      Heard the same, but $$$ is insane
      May 22
  • Epic Games / Eng ANUd61
    Been here a long time and the press does not match my positive opinions. Plenty of work to be done and expectations are high but the rewards are great. I enjoy working here very much.
    Jul 1 0
  • Epic Games / Eng TShI12
    We’re in Bellevue, WA as well by the way, and it’s pretty great. WLB is fine to me, but I really like my job.
    May 26 0
  • Epic Games QyhS58
    Not bad. Good benefits. Slightly erratic as a workplace, but if you’re okay with that — the pay is pretty good.
    May 23 0
  • Apple / Eng kGUv48
    I have no idea. But nows the time to work there, while they are the hot thing. Who knows what the hot thing in gaming will be ten years from now? Remember FarmVille?
    May 23 0
  • Nvidia magicdrago
    Epic failures like airy day.
    May 22 0