What's it like working at GoDaddy?

Wayfair eJSH58
Apr 13 3 Comments

Curious if anyone knows firsthand what's it like working at GoDaddy. I had read what I could through Googling, etc. I was told there were some reorgs and changes. Wondering how inclusive the culture is, what it's like working with PMs there, how agile it is, etc. I enjoy my current environment so really wish I knew someone at GoDaddy who knows enough to provide some insight.


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TOP 3 Comments
  • Amazon / Eng Tbhf34
    Which office and team are you looking at?
    Apr 13 2
    • Wayfair eJSH58
      Domains (Aftermarket) team in Cambridge
      Apr 13
    • Amazon / Eng Tbhf34
      Not familiar with either, worked as a sr sde in the Scottsdale office. I really enjoyed it, however, some teams did have work life balance issues.
      Apr 13