What's it's like to crack L6 sr software engineer in FAANG or tier 1 companies?

Nordstrom dQMD08
Oct 18 8 Comments

Just to let you know I don't have any prior experience in tier 1 companies, but have plans to target L6 (levels.fyi) in any of FAANG or tier 1 companies.

Total experience: 13 yrs

What would you suggest for me to prepare in order to succeed in this?

Current actions: leetcode, reading tier 1 engineering blogs for system design..

Also how could I compensate missing brand experience, any open source projects to contribute to?


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  • New CLsC88
    What kind of system design blogs are you reading? Links?
    Oct 18 2
    • Nordstrom dQMD08
      For eg: Twitter, LinkedIn, uber engineering blogs and Google research papers, etc.. you can Google for links
      Oct 18
    • Roku cruella
      Links or it didnโ€™t happen
      Oct 18
  • Facebook


    Experience isnโ€™t about brand or company you got it at. L6+ is all about design and behavior. Sure, coding matters too but design has to check out.
    Oct 18 0
  • Salesforce aw3some
    Compensate missing brand experience by earning TC $$$$$$$
    Oct 18 2
    • Nordstrom dQMD08
      TC alone is not good right, i hope they expect handling large scale projects in prior experience which is hard to compensate
      Oct 18
    • Salesforce aw3some
      It's a chicken and egg problem. It's actually other way around, If you know how to handle large scale project then you get good TC.

      You don't need to be in FAANG to learn that.
      Oct 18
  • New / Eng

    New Eng

    Compensate missing brand experience by getting Sr. staff or Principal titles.
    Oct 18 0


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