What's my true job title?

Centerfield / Ops alj
Aug 13 6 Comments

My position is simply Project Manager, and although I do manage projects, that's not nearly half of what I do. Most of what I do is conversion tracking and attribution setup for landing page initiatives, usually for paid search campaigns. I also set up conversion pixels and similar tags in Google Tag Manager, set up A/B tests for optimization, and even API setup for posting leads, usually in Salesforce but some other tools as well.

Do these responsibilities fit into any other job titles more accurately? I was thinking perhaps something related to Ad Ops, but this job might just be a mishmash of tasks that no one else wants to do. Thanks all!


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  • New / Mktg

    New Mktg

    Starcom, OMD
    You could bundle under Growth (just please don’t use the phrase Growth Hacker, it’s the worst).

    I had a Marketing Tech Manager on my team who handled a lot of the Ad Ops type stuff (attribution, GTM, etc).
    Aug 13 0
  • NVIDIA gametheroy
    Hall monitor with benefits
    Aug 13 0
  • Volvo CaHK02
    Aug 13 0
  • Tektronix BazzokaGrl
    Portfolio Manager?
    Aug 20 0
  • Amazon burntout!
    Marketing Tech manager sounds cool
    Aug 13 0
  • G2 / Product MrChicken
    Growth something?
    Aug 13 0


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