Whats the YoE band for Salesforce (Hyd, India) LMTS?

D. E. Shaw & Co. FtnB22
Jul 13 8 Comments

I recently interviewed with Salesforce, Hyderabad, India, for LMTS/PMTS designation.
I have 12 YoE and was offered LMTS (Industries Cloud).

I would like to know if its reasonable and what it takes (in terms of number of years) to make it to PMTS. I am aware this is subjective depends on factors like performance of the team, our own performance etc.

Also, how good is the learning experience in this org/cloud?

Any input/insight is highly appreciated. Thank you.


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  • PayPal / IT

    PayPal IT

    JPMorgan Chase & Co.
    I know few guys with 12+ yoe working as LMTS. Btw what is the TC offered ?
    Jul 13 3
    • D. E. Shaw & Co. FtnB22

      50L + 15% bonus + RSUs (<100k USD).
      Jul 13
    • Oracle goneare
      Overall TC looks good around 75 lpa. 👍
      Jul 13
    • Salesforce Wachoodoin
      I think the offer is fair, it’s highly unlikely that it will go higher than this
      Jul 16
  • LinkedIn / Eng chiknCurry
    Off topic, how is DE Shaw Hyderabad? I used to get hit up a lot by their recruiters when I lived in Hyd.
    Jul 13 1
    • D. E. Shaw & Co. FtnB22
      Company is good, as is the case with it's good culture.
      Jul 13
  • Salesforce Wachoodoin
    In very rare cases Salesforce hires PMTS from outside. It’s usually hire them as LMTS and if you perform well then you get promoted quickly to PMTS
    Jul 16 0
  • D. E. Shaw & Co. FtnB22
    Any idea what's the tech stack in this org?
    Jul 13 0


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