What's the base compensation for DV roles after 6 yoe

AMD ghecko
Jun 16 2 Comments

Looking at options. Have 6 yoe in DV and currently at Staff position.
The compensation does play a big factor in shifting. What expectations shall I keep for base compensation DV roles in the bay area?


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  • Google dumbfcuk
    Base varies between companies. You should be looking at TC. For 6 yoe in dv, you can expect around 250
    Jun 16 1
    • Marvell dronester
      I think he is not just talking about Google, FB... 250k for 6 yoe is kinda steep if you are not working in those companies .. don’t think even Apple or Broadcom wud pay so much for 6 yoe..but others can confirm.
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      Jun 19