What’s the best way to ask for a raise?

New gMXc74
Jul 9 9 Comments

I've been at the company for a while and keep being told I'm indispensible. I don't need that, pay me! What is the best way to ask? Anyone with experience?


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  • Barclays PLC

    Barclays PLC

    Jane Street Capital
    Ladies PM me for a good time
    Ehrlich Bachman style. Walk in. Whip your dick out. Slam it on the table. Demand more money.

    Works every time for me.
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  • PayPal LovLif
    The easiest way is to make them know you have another offer. This recognizes that you, and at least another company, have recognized your value and are willing to pay for it.

    The challenge is that nowadays in order for you to get a job offer you have to had been interviewing for at least a month, which pretty much means you are ready to leave.

    What you’d need to show your boss/manager is that you are worth a raise, that they could lose you, and also that they are not making a dumb bet on you.

    Having said all this, imagine the following casual conversation “hey, I was talking with X and they said they would be willing to pay Y for a guy like me. Just to be clear I don’t want to work for X but Y is definitely something I would love to have some day, what do you think?”
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  • Microsoft Queasy
    Get a higher counter offer from elsewhere and tell them you really like them but others are paying more. If they match, you stay. If they don’t, you walk. If you can’t get a higher offer elsewhere, you’ll be at peace knowing you are paid what you are worth.
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  • Zillow Group ^H
    Get an offer
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  • E*Trade / Finance cbEV72
    Just ask whether they’re planning or not
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  • New / Eng QTdN03
    Tell them you believe your market value is much higher and that you would like a X% raise. Then if they don’t give it to you, study and start applying elsewhere. My last company only gave me half of what I asked for. A few months later, I almost doubled my TC with another company.
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  • Nvidia btfd
    Rage quit, then say jk but really if you don't give me more moolah I'm gonesies.
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  • New chubber
    I worked at a pretty much no name company. I was in a similar position in the sense that the company said i was indispensable. When i started i made sure to mention that money was my motivating factor.

    I made sure to mention it around the time of my raises as well. I recieved a 30٪ raise the first review and regotiated a second review half way before the time of the next one. I recieved another 17% during my "negotiated" early review. Set yourself up for success. Make them understanding you want to be paid more and if they want to keep you they will.
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  • Balls on the table
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