What’s the word on Convoy?

Amazon socken
Feb 3

They are backed by some big CEO’s and VC’s and considered a new unicorn with $1 billion valuation.

What do people have to say about the culture, type of work, promise, how competitive the comp & benefits are?


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  • Microsoft BcrX06
    Amazon doesn't deserve to be in FANG.
    Feb 31
    • Amazon socken
      That has nothing to do with my question or this topic. Go complain about Amazon somewhere else...the amount of envy by Microsoft people of FAANG is annoying.
      Feb 3
  • Convoy KVvQ03
    Really enjoying working for convoy. Lots of cool projects, good culture. Working for a startup is definitely a risk when it comes to comp but I’m optimistic.
    Feb 30
  • Qualtrics / PR
    rm -rf ~/


    Microsoft, Qualtrics
    rm -rf ~/more
    Uber Freight?
    Feb 30
  • Amazon socken
    Who can talk about the culture and why someone might want to join from say a FAANG?
    Feb 30
  • Enlighted PFTe21
    It's getting buzz because it's one of the first startups to go after that industry
    Feb 30

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