Whats your feeling about Groupon, square and amd stocks.

Amazon / Eng vhBf25
Dec 7, 2017 3 Comments

Square Groupon and AMD sit in a comfortable spot of cheaper shares. I want to understand what are your feelings with each of them. Are they bullish even after AMD's lackluster year and square's disgraceful fall last three weeks.


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TOP 3 Comments
  • Microsoft DQYt68
    Square don’t hold the loans - they pawn it off. So they don’t have the risk on their books :)
    Jan 6, 2018 0
  • All three garbage. Especially square. They’ve started lending to their merchants who are usually of such poor credit quality they couldn’t even get a high rate loan from a loan shark. This strategy will work for them as long as the economy holds up but I guarantee you that they will drop to single digits when shit hits the fan.
    Dec 14, 2017 0
  • Amazon / Eng MoonUnit
    I like SQ the most on this list, but it’s already had a huge run up and a warranted sell off. Best to look elsewhere than these three.
    Dec 10, 2017 0