What’s your response when recruiter low ball ?

New / Eng LosYork
Jan 10 25 Comments

The first rule is never give a concise number about expected TC.

But what if the recruiter reply with something low ?
“oh what about 100k is that ok for you ?”

What will you respond ?

Any genius response ?



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  • Facebook / Eng nfLx46
    If they're close, make a counter offer. If they're way low, say, "I'm sorry, but this isn't in the ballpark. I appreciated interviewing with you and wish you the best in filling the position."
    Jan 10 1
    • Facebook Dogfart
      This. Keep in mind that all your co-workers have been hired this way too. So if they pay crap, chances are your co-workers will not be top talent either.
      Jan 10
  • IBM muAG37
    Pivot to more questions about the role because “the comp indicates it may not be in line with my experience”
    Jan 10 2
    • CA Technologies TonkarBell
      Recruiter: We have the best and latest market research, and even within the company, for that role and your experience, this is a very competitive salary.

      Where I’m going with this is, if the recruiter doesn’t budge, at which point does one give a number, even if insanely high?
      Jan 10
    • New / Eng LosYork
      “Oh how about 120k?”
      Recruiters still continues the questions until you reveal your hand in my experience
      Jan 10
  • IBM tAhj86h
    “ well based on my research for the position, and the typical salary range, i would feel more comfortable in the range of [$$$]” just be honest. if they don’t value you enough to give you what you deserve then NEXT them asap.
    Jan 10 2
    • Vertivco / Eng

      Vertivco Eng

      Youtube, American Bureau of Shipping, Facebook
      Next? Like go Steve Jobs on them?
      Jan 10
    • New / Eng anagram.
      Mar 7
  • Amazon ChiknTikka
    "I am very disappointed with this offer. It is significantly lower than market for the role based on my research. Furthermore, I am expecting significantly higher offers from the other companies I am interviewing with. I urge you to reconsider and come back to me when you have a serious offer to put on the table, since I am very excited about the company and role."
    Jan 10 0
  • Tableau Zero Cool
    3 words: "are you kidding?"
    Jan 10 2
    • Tableau Zero Cool
      Or maybe "add one zero"
      Jan 10
    • Microsoft HURi57
      'Sure, we can add $10'
      Jan 10
  • Vistaprint GGLQ22
    One recruiter kept telling me I did not perform well in interview so we are giving you lower offer and if I need more money I should stay where im.. also when I asked for relocation ..there was a long pause and yeah we might.. then you are asking too many things. Like h1b transfer
    Jan 10 0
  • Tesla / Eng pGOY30
    Thanks for the joining bonus! Really appreciate it!
    Jan 11 0
  • Salesforce :w!
    Laugh like a maniac and walk away
    Jan 10 0
  • Tableau Zero Cool
    "you wasted my time for this shit?"
    Jan 10 0
  • Bank of America blacKnight
    Will take the offer if I don’t have any options then once found higher one.. ask the same question to him to increase TC.. once you turn the tables they realize

    (1) You can play same game
    (2) you are skilled enough to get high...

    I always have one rule in life: I don’t start game, if someone starts it.. I make sure I end it...
    Jan 10 0
  • Microsoft pJcW86
    Are you willing to walk out or do you want the job
    Jan 10 0
  • New / Eng phokingr8
    100k bitcoins, right?
    Jan 10 1
    • Intel / Eng AQup26
      I'd love to get paid in BTC
      Jan 12
  • Facebook


    Airbnb, Microsoft, F5 Networks
    I appreciate you taking the time and effort to represent me. I am sure you must have given your best. I was very impressed with all interviewers, it was a great experience overall. We get to discuss some exciting problems together. We learned something from each other. I am very impressed with the office decor. It really felt like home with family. I would have loved being there for every single day of my life. However, at this point of time, I can't accept this offer, it is not affordable me at this time. Over the next couple of years, I would definitely work hard to reduce my expenses, so that I can take 50% pay cut to join the team of my interviewers.
    Jan 23 0
  • Intel / Eng AQup26
    You would kindly revert back
    Jan 12 0
  • Salesforce / Eng RedeRocket
    At this point I am usually very straight forward I give you a range. If you cannot fall within it GTFO
    Jan 11 0
  • Microsoft DeepFryFTW
    Tell them to GTFO
    Jan 10 0
  • I revert back
    Jan 10 0