When is strike price determined?

Google masteratbs
Jan 5

For options when joining a startup


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  • Facebook Whateverrs
    A 409a valuation is done, typically by a third party. The strike price is set to what the third party estimates the range in which the shares would likely trade in a normal arms length transaction, and typically uses the lower end of the justifiable range. It's updated periodically (I think annually but not sure). You can't really issue incentive options without either having publicly trading shares or doing a 409a valuation.
    Jan 50
  • New / MgmtuNNd52
    A third party issues a 409a valuation. They usually come in at 20-40% of the latest equity round. (The rationale being equity investors have preferred shares, which entitle them to a liquidation preference the common shareholders do not have)

    It’s a bizarre process where after trying to raise as much money at the highest valuation possible, the CEO now tries to negotiate the lowest valuation possible.

    A 409a is refreshed once per year, or sooner if there’s a fundraising event.
    Jan 50
  • New DvVM00
    the date the board approves your grant
    Jan 50
  • Reddit snoozy
    Usually the value when the board approves your options. Unless they have a huge fundraise, the strike price(409a valuation) doesn't tend to vary too wildly.
    Jan 50

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