When should you have to join Uber to become millionaire at IPO?

Salesforce nahson
Mar 11 13 Comments

Level: new grad


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  • Intel dreamforce
    2.5 to 3 years gets you close to a millionaire too is what I have heard
    Mar 11 4
    • Uber Xidl
      Not after taxes
      Mar 11
    • Uber / Eng lil Blind
      Nah, 3 years ago valuation was 60B and sinitial hire grant was around 200k. Assuming 120B IPO, including bonuses and refreshes minus taxes, those people have like 300k-500k vested so far.
      Mar 12
    • 120b IPO? You are dreaming my friend
      Mar 13
    • Uber / Eng lil Blind
      We’ll see.
      Mar 14
  • Pinterest tihdbyr
    Right before last big evaluation increase. Probably 5+years
    Mar 11 1
    • Uber / Eng lil Blind
      Yep, 2015 before the 60B round.
      Mar 12
  • Uber / Eng baɡ
    Late 2014 new grad offer would currently have stock that is >$1M
    Mar 14 0
  • Uber 28_kHz
    My guess is before the company offered rsu. If individuals who received iso early excersized when the price was low, and had the handfull of splits they would be millionaires, even after taxes. They started issuing rsu in late 2014.
    Mar 12 0
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    • Salesforce nahson
      Updated post to new grad
      Mar 12
  • Uber fellow99
    2017 when shit was hitting the fan. Or q4 2014 or prior if not
    Mar 12 0
  • Microsoft / Eng SwitchJobs
    Now, if they appoint you the CEO.
    Mar 12 0