When to give two week's notice

Nokia dumbcoder
Oct 29 5 Comments

Hi Guys,

I recently interviewed and moving to Amazon. H1B transfer has started (Premium Processing) but it started late due to changes in DOL website. It has been delayed by a month after accepting the offer.
I am planning to move only after approval and the start date has been set based on the approval day. I wanted to give two week's notice at my current company after approval but now I am thinking when to give. Also have a vacation planned during thanksgiving. Generally two week's notice cannot include vacation. If I give two week's notice after approval, it will be extended to three weeks due to Thanksgiving.

So should I give the notice on H1B receipt or wait for approval.

Current TC - 150K (only base no stocks)
YOE - 8 years in US


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  • TBC Corp. Googler20
    Wait for approval. Don’t worry about notice and other things.
    Oct 29 0
  • Mylan narik
    Give notice only after approval. Have been thorough this before and you do not want any “issues” later. Amazon will (they usually do) wait an additional week.
    Oct 29 0
  • Nokia dumbcoder
    Thanks Everyone, I will wait for approval. Will try to convince Amazon and Nokia about the starting date.
    Oct 29 1
    • Nokia ss28
      How many days of Notice you gave in Nokia?
      Nov 26
  • WePay EKgs36
    Too risky to start on receipt. RFE's have increased on transfers.
    Oct 29 0


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