When to leave a job after receiving an advanced degree.

Oct 17 8 Comments

I will receive my MBA in 2020, and I will have 2.5 years under my belt in marketing:

A little about me before we continue:

Double major in marketing/sports management
1 year in back end marketing
Currently working in a media agency. (will have 15 months at the agency when I recieve my masters)

I know once I get my MBA, I'll be able to ask for a pay increase. However, I want to take on a larger role in a company, and move into management as my next move. Will it be ill-advised to start looking for a management job if my current employer won't move me up the ranks right away, or should I wait to gain more experience?


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  • F5 Networks wait,what?
    How did you get into an MBA program with basically 0 work experience?
    Oct 17 6
    • OP
      I have been going through the MBA program while I was an undergrad last year. My school allows us to take 10 units of graduate level courses if you are a senior and in good standing academically.
      Oct 17
    • F5 Networks wait,what?
      Wtf?!? An mba is intended to build business skills on top of the foundation started during undergrad and the work experience gained until then. Honestly, an MBA won’t do much for you. You’ll be short of experience. Unless it’s an Ivy league MBA, it’s going to be disregarded by recruiters and managers. You’ll have the degree, but without experience, it’s worthless.
      Oct 17
    • OP
      I have been working full time through out MBA as well in marketing departments. So I havent been just going to school.

      Ill have 2.5 years of experience once my MBA program is finished
      Oct 17
    • New / Product coldouts
      So you have the equivalent of a 3.5 years work experience
      Oct 17
    • F5 Networks wait,what?
      Still not enough to even get into most “good” mba programs.

      But to answer your question, leave whenever you get the job you truly want. Don’t just leave because you have an mba.
      Oct 17
  • Ogilvy & Mather adanon1234
    Hate to burst you bubble kid. But your MBA isn’t worth that much. Put your head down and grind like the rest of us did. 15 months is enough tenure to make a jump to get a comp bump and manager title. But don’t get confused. Managers are still IC roles. HR will probably offer top of comp band because you have an MBA, but the bands are narrow. You’ll do fine but don’t expect to magically make Director. You’ll still need another 4-5 years until you’re ready
    Oct 21 0


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