When to negotiate? any tips?

Walmart.com tBOR65
Jun 11 9 Comments

Interviewed with Google and Facebook for E5 position, but ended up with E4 offer from both companies.

- Gave out 300k as my target TC. Facebook says it's a bit high, but will try to work on it. In additional, they would like to see Google's offer.

- Currently working on the team matching process.
- Asking for Facebook's offer

Should I start negotiating with Google or wait until a team match?

P.S. I understand 300+k TC is hard to get as E4 in both companies, but it doesn't hurt to try.
Current TC 275k (Got promoted to E5 recently, ~240k before promotion)


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  • Microsoft ggmate
    300 is hard. Get Google team match and HC approval first. Fb might go up to 280k. Get fb to go as high as possible and share those numbers with Google after the approvals. Google will barely match/beat. You can go back and forth one more time with both companies and you'll have max offers from both by then. You can make final decision based on team.
    Jun 11 2
    • Walmart.com tBOR65
      Both recruiters confirm HC approval for e4 offer. FB compensation team wants to know more about Google's offer. Are you suggesting me to get Google's offer along side with team matching process?

      I haven't talked to Google about expected TC yet.
      Jun 11
    • Microsoft ggmate
      I feel fb is more generous with their offers. I would suggest getting fb numbers first and try pushing them as much as possible even before taking their numbers to Google. Google sometimes asks for proofs and they only try to match.
  • eBay ghsoibv
    Jun 11 1
  • LinkedIn hgfth
    FB full offer details?
    Jun 11 1
    • Walmart.com tBOR65
      Not yet. It's verbal e4 offer. Both companies are waiting for each other.
      Jun 11
  • Amazon


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  • Clearstream.TV beedangs
    What happened op
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