When will uber become $1T company

ViaSat windowXp
Nov 6 9 Comments

So i interviewed at Uber about 3.5years ago. The recruiter told me Uber is going to become the first $1T company. I was excited for Uber. Then I got rejected after the onsite. Anyways, I came here to say, "$1T lol".
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TOP 9 Comments
  • WeWork WeBroke
    Move on OP
    Nov 6 0
  • Western Digital lsof
    OMG OP you been hating Uber and their recruiters for 3.5 years. WTF? Forgive and forget
    Nov 6 0
  • LinkedIn tar-cfz
    Hahaha recruiters, amirite
    Nov 6 1
  • Google topCon
    After a billion, of course, is trillion. Then comes quadrillion, quintrillion, sextillion, septillion, octillion, nonillion, and decillion.

    I wonder why the recruiter didn't pick one of the other ones? 🤔
    Nov 6 0
  • eBay tysonlee
    Recruiters are not to be taken seriously.
    Nov 6 1
  • Uber fIiE48
    Nov 6 0
  • Apple hfbrt
    I like Uber, but yeah I was told some crazy valuation in future too... with $37 or something being conservative estimate of stock price, and 60 something being likely one. Dodged that bullet. Phew!
    Nov 6 0


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