Where did Leetcode come from?

Yahoo foobar101
Feb 28 11 Comments

Not the app itself, but the ethos behind it. Did this style of interviewing start at Google? Yahoo? Microsoft? What are the origins of this (incredibly incredibly shitty) style of interviewing?

Would love to hear the insight of folks who’ve been interviewing since the early/mid 2000s


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  • McAfee JohnMcPee
    I will get reamed for this, but I think it’s origins can be traced to books like CTCI and the exam mindset prevalent in India.

    In India, to clear entrance exams like JEE and CAT requires something similar. You practice a ton of problems and expect something from that finite set in the exam. Similarly, the current trend is that you have a finite number (albeit pretty large number) of questions you solve and expect to encounter them in the interview.

    The more you solve, the better your chances are. More quantity than quality IMO. Worse, I think we are headed towards a trend where interview coaching institutes would be required to get into FAANG.
    Feb 28 5
    • Twitter HJTx67
      Interview coaching places are already there
      Feb 28
    • McAfee JohnMcPee
      Correct, but they are not prevalent yet. I barely know anyone who paid $5k to get coached for interviews. Whereas everyone who did crack the JEE or CAT went through some coaching institute. Get my drift?
      Feb 28
    • Oracle suchisl1fe
      How is it different from SAT exam?
      Feb 28
    • Cisco bitset
      Yes, lots of people are making money off this interview process promising candidates to get into ‘fang’ by doing their coaching. Worse, even shitty companies are adopting lc style of interviews. System design is another terrible way to skew up things and introduce more uncertainty
      Feb 28
    • Microsoft euchrbdj
      Why do you think it is India? Other Asian countries have similar style of college entrance exams.
      Mar 1
  • Indeed / Eng e5e3ych
    All started by Microsoft in late 90s. Google followed suit and other bay area companies followed.
    Feb 28 0
  • DigitalOcean loveberlin
    It has reached insanity. I was around in mid 2000 and it was not this bad. Its absurd that we need months to prepare for interviews and doing leetcode.

    It is skewed towards younger folks who have that time after work. Old farts like me with family will probably have to try my luck if LC problems are the gatekeeper.
    Feb 28 1
    • Oracle now@google
      I am an old fart with family.
      I only spent two weeks leetcoding after a long time in one place. Actually liked it. Learned a thing or two. In mid 2000 you would interview and get rejected for no obvious reason.
      Feb 28
  • Google drains
    Wait even GRE used to be similar. Memorize 4000 odd words and you are good to go.
    Feb 28 0
  • Amazon Username*
    I dont think this has been the methodology in the early 2000s. it used to different kinds of questions, which they later determined was not effective in determining skill, such as estimating the number of golf balls that fit on a train or school bus, etc.

    Feb 28 0


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