Where do you service your BMW’s in the SF Bay Area?

Amazon ckWS72
May 4 12 Comments

Where do you take your bmw’s for servicing after the 4 year warranty is done in the bay area? Did you buy extended warranty from bmw? If you take it to the local person, bmw guys say they can’t reset the settings of the car. Is that true?


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TOP 12 Comments
  • Intel g3forever
    Never worth it to buy a luxury car just lease bro.
    May 42
    • Amgen Mrmephisto
      Ironically leasing deals on luxury cars are actually better than some non-luxury brands at the end of the year.
      May 4
    • Intel g3forever
      That’s partially due to the lower demand than typical consumer cars along side how quickly they depreciate.
      May 4
  • Apple / EngIron Hide
    I was told the 60 month extended warranty costs about 3K. Still wondering to buy it.
    May 52
    • Amazon ckWS72
      Is this for the new car or after your current warranty has expired?
      May 5
    • Apple / EngIron Hide
      After current warranty has expired
      May 5
  • Apple hakunanaMa
    Buy a honda and service yourself. Sell that premium fuel hungry engine bmw
    May 40
  • Capital One

    Capital One

    Hello, I like turtles.
    BMW of SF is great. It's the main one in the city.
    May 40
  • Amgen Mrmephisto
    Following I have an i3. It’s a lease so I just go to the dealer it’s all covered.
    May 40
  • Autodesk YTDP26
    I personally do not think it is a good deal to buy the warranty. A lot of things are not covered. The things they do cover are pretty reliable now. If you plan to keep the bimmer longer, you can actually do some of the maintenance yourself like changing air filter, cabin filters, wiper blades, steering oil, and so on. There are things definitely that you cannot do. Go to BMW Club of America https://www.bmwcca.org/ They have a list of independent shops. Most are pretty good. You can even buy parts online (FCP Euro, warranty on all parts including wiper blade) and have the shop installed for you. It is not as expensive to keep a bimmer. But, it is definitely not as cheap as Honda or Toyota.
    If you don't want to keep it long term, there is no point doing much except oil change. Good luck!
    May 50
  • SAP / Eng


    I do at Stevens Creek BMW.
    May 40
  • SendGrid ig51he
    peter pan bmw is great
    May 40

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