Where should I go? Google v Amazon

Google qwertyjay
Oct 4 14 Comments

This might be outside the norm, but I work within Staffing and currently deciding between staying at Google or moving to Amazon.

Can anyone give me advice on where to go?

- 85k Base, 15% Bonus, 60k Equity
- $108k TCP not including refreshers
- Im the most senior person on the team now with little room to grow, but am expecting a decent pay increase at the end of the year
- Benefits Package, 401k, and Time off policies are better here

- 95k base, ~40k sign on over 2 years, ~70k equity
- 120k TCP
- Ill be one of the most junior people on the team with lots to learn
- Overall benefits is worse than Google

Im concerned that the culture at Amazon woll be toxic compared to Google with worse work life balance... but the pay increase is hard to say no to. Please help!


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  • StubHub chicken88
    You're joining to learn, not retire. Amazon is not always toxic: I learnt much from really smart people there.
    Oct 4 2
    • Amazon FalconX
      Same! I learned what it really means to be a leader at Amazon. I learned also how to cut through fluffy BS people put on PowerPoints (did I mention there are no PP presentations?)
      Oct 5
    • StubHub chicken88
      Learning how less is more. :)
      Oct 5
  • New / Eng replJS
    Google rest and vest
    Oct 4 0
  • Amazon lollolol
    Switch and the boomerang to google at a hire salary, then stay
    Oct 4 0
  • Amazon FalconX
    What got you interested in Amazon in first place? Is it just the pay?
    Oct 4 4
    • Google qwertyjay
      I’m one of the most senior ICs on my team and don’t see much more opportunity to learn or grow right now. I’m also not a big fan of my coworkers to the point where I think it’s starting to impact my psychological health...

      Whereas Amazon would be within an interesting space with a tenured team that I could learn from.
      Oct 4
    • Amazon FalconX
      You can’t switch teams @ Google?
      Oct 5
    • Google qwertyjay
      I’ve looked into it and I don’t have any options to switch to something interesting.

      I love the space I’m in right now, I just have a toxic team environment... Amazon would let me work in the same space with a new team... but I’m thinking that maybe the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t?
      Oct 5
    • Amazon FalconX
      Makes perfect sense.

      If you read Blind, they make it sound like Amazon is evil and every manager will Pip you. Reality is that like any company of the size of Google, Amazon , etc... there are great teams, good teams, ok teams and shit show teams. Criteria for each may vary.
      You need to work backwards from what is the ideal environment for you, ask a lot of questions and find the right team before making the jump.

      The good thing about Amazon is that there are many teams to choose from if you are in Seattle or Bay Area.
      Oct 5
  • Amazon Biggles
    Amazon TCP is $120, while Google is $108?

    Is $12k/yr going to make you happy? It’s a 10% jump, which is nice, but not life changing.

    If you aren’t hurting for money, I’d say stay where you are if you’re happy. When you aren’t happy anymore, then you should leave.
    Oct 4 1
    • New / Eng replJS
      Google benefits and free food narrow that gap anyways
      Oct 4
  • Oracle giantsfn
    Seeing your TC at Google, are you still studying in High School? You should ask for like 500k bass if you are fresh out of college
    Oct 5 0
  • New / Eng

    New Eng

    Everytime I bring bad employee reviews or experiences to amazon defenders, the common excuse is "oh those are non SWEs, amazon is good for SWEs", but I was an Intern at Amazon and they threat (full-time) SWEs like shit, so.... I can only imagine how non SWEs get treated.

    By the way, while I was at Amazon, during the span of 3 months I saw one SWE resign and another one get fired. Not from my team, but team on the same floor next to me. Literally never happened to me before.

    And this way a few years ago, since then it has gotten worse probably.

    Edit: this was amazon alexa org, if it helps.
    Oct 5 0


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