Where should I intern next?

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Jun 18 3 Comments

I have interned at Amazon and will be interning at a small company and another FANG. I still have one more summer to intern and am looking for suggestions on where to intern.

I don't want to return to any of the companies for another internship because I want to gather as many data points as to help choose where I should work when I have to go full-time.

Should I try a FinTech company like Citadel, etc?
Or mid-size like Salesforce?
Or do research at a University?
Or just do another FANG?

Note, I doubt I can actually pass the interviews for all these companies, but I'm just looking for where I should aim for next as I finally reached my dream company to intern at and don't know where to go from here, besides trying to get a return offer.


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  • Microsoft whitetea
    Do you have some interests outside of programming? Like bioinformatics, finance, cars, whatever. You may want to try interning at a company in a specific field. Otherwise, FANG sounds reasonable.
    Jun 18 0
  • Veritas randomhand
    Try interning at a hardware company like Magic Leap
    Jun 18 0
  • Facebook zai
    Try fb and 2sigma
    Jun 18 0


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