Where should I look up interview questions for Lyft

New qDLG43
Aug 5, 2018 3 Comments

Glassdoor and careercup don’t have a lot.

Is it an accurate list on leetcode for Lyft (32 questions seem a bit low)? Do these guys have a list like fb or just ask random stuff (like G)?



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TOP 3 Comments
  • Netflix Gghhjjkk
    The fact that you know that fb has a list and g has random stuff is kind of pathetic. Why don’t you just prepare and then do your best?
    Aug 5, 20181
    • New qDLG43
      I’ve already solved these 32 question on leetcode and went through Glassdoor, that’s why I’m looking for new suggestions. I was told Lyft pays about 130+40+250 for new grads (9k for interns) which is sweet enough for me to prepare.
      Aug 5, 2018
  • Wayfair Goatech
    You don’t need to have heard the questions. Just grind leetcode easy and mid and you should be fine
    Aug 5, 20180

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