Which VPN do you trust to use?

New ojblljd
Feb 5 21 Comments

Does anyone have a good recommendation for trusted VPN company? Cost is not much of an issue.


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  • Salesforce Trie.Hard
    Private internet access.
    Feb 5 4
    • New flippy
      There is at least one case where PIA was taken to court and stated they were not able to provide to requested information because they do not have it. That is a good sign.
      Feb 5
    • Facebook public2
      +1 pia
      Feb 5
    • IBM apu
      This is the one I use, very satisfied
      Feb 5
    • US Navy / IT Boonaki
      I have used PIA for 5 years and never had a problem. I have thought about switching to ProtonVPN due to being a Swiss company that follows some crazy ass laws that protect Swiss companies.
      Feb 5
  • Microsoft xbythjg
    NordVPN is decent
    Feb 5 0
  • Booking.com m87hj0v
    Feb 5 0
  • New / IT

    New IT

    Best Buy, Insight Global
    Feb 5 1
    • US Navy / IT Boonaki
      Proton at least has some inherent trust from Protonmail. There have been multiple subpoenas and the process for them to hand over data far exceeds any other VPN provider.
      Feb 5
  • Visa Jdes
    Feb 5 0
  • Amazon thfsdg
    If you are comfortable setting up one, it's really cheap to get a server on AWS or other cloud providers and run your own VPN.
    Feb 5 9
    • Amazon thfsdg
      Amazon doesn't have special pricing for employees. The pricing I mentioned is available to everyone.

      You can get hosts in different countries, but it's limited to the countries AWS has data centers.

      You can have one free host per account for a year. So if you need to have multiple hosts, you need to pay for extra ones or have one AWS account per host which can become a headache to manage.
      Feb 5
    • New ktFx33
      The whole point of vpn is anonymity... if you sign up for aws server they’ll have your name. I have an openvpn server on my raspberry pi but I know it’s not anonymous lol
      Feb 5
    • Amazon thfsdg
      Ktfx33, you are right. As I mentioned, it depends on your use case, all I want is to hide my location and not send my traffic through a 3rd party VPN.

      I'm not promoting any specific solution, I'm just describing my setup.

      If you are using 3rd party VPN, you still have credit card info and email associated with your account, which could potentially identify you. You can use a temp email address and prepaid card to sign up for the account. You can do the same with cloud providers.

      The main benefit of setting up your own VPN for me was not sending my traffic through someone else's VPN.
      Feb 5
    • Amazon fy64gt
      Depends on who you want to be anonymous from.

      If you are trying to prevent the sites you visit from knowing who you are that's a whole lot harder.

      Personally I VPN to keep my traffic anonymized from the local network operator and not from the sites in visiting. Namely work, as I connect to the work WiFi and then run PIA on my phone so that my traffic isn't visible to work WiFi. Also gives me some security if I connect to WiFi in a coffee shop, I know I'm not being spoofed.
      Feb 5
    • eBay / IT

      eBay IT

      I was referring in the context when some of the entertainment streaming is not available if you are not local . So need to find IP locally from that country to tag along
      Feb 5
  • Micro Focus / Product GWOz11
    Feb 5 0