Which auto insurance (in california)?

Google -meh-
Nov 5, 2018 19 Comments

Was using geico previously. They jacked up the prices upto 2.5k for renewal this time - and thts just for 6mths. Is everyone paying that much of crazy amount for car insurance? >$400 per month for 2 cars.
What are better alternatives for auto insurance? Progressive showing quote of about 1.5k for six months for the 2 cars.
Any help appreciated! TIA
Metromile online didn’t give any quotes due to traffic violation (have minor violation of stop sign from a year ago).
Non citizen, living in US for about 4yrs now.


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  • State Farm / Eng599
    State Farm.

    Honestly, you’re gonna get fucked either way according to my experience. Prices are too damn high.
    Nov 5, 20180
  • LinkedIn Popovers
    What cars do you have? I use Geico, and I pay around $600/6 months for 1 car. Did u try Costco?
    Nov 5, 20183
    • Oracle XSIK31
      Costco for insurance?
      Nov 5, 2018
    • Google -meh-
      wow! acura 2017 (leased) and nissan (2015) owned. Thx for mentioning costco, will check it out!
      Nov 5, 2018
    • ServiceNow Anon36
      Can confirm, Costco is the way to go
      Nov 6, 2018
  • Google Romyy
    Op did u ask the reasons for steep hike?
    Nov 5, 20180
  • Bank of The West / Consultant

    Bank of The WestConsultant

    Cisco, eBay, NetApp, VMware
    Liberty mutual.... try if you haven’t.
    Nov 5, 20181
    • Nextdoor / OtherFree$$$
      Liberty liberty liberty liberty liberty 🗽
      Nov 5, 2018
  • OP has traffic violations which affect the quotes drastically if you are under 25. I used to pay 450+ for 1 car per month and its a German sports car. Had 3 speeding tickets, one of them had 2 points.
    It depends on the price of the car, age of the driver, number of traffic violations, type of violations and the category of the car and many different factors.
    Nov 6, 20180
  • Console Connect / OthergqDS15
    Geico — $434 per 6 months with 300k liability, another 10/month for umbrella to cover up to 1 million in liability.

    Get a driving abstract from your previous country that covers 5 years of safe driving. It can bring your rates down significantly with geico.

    Who else is on your insurance? What kind of cars? Any claims?
    Nov 6, 20180
  • OSIsoft AccessDeni
    Doesn’t google have any partnership with a provider to get employee discounts? Some employers do this and it does help. I have discounts for liberty mutual and that does help compared to other providers. I also have a bundle with home.
    Nov 5, 20180
  • Coupa somethinge
    Call Geico and ask why. Could be an incorrect mark on your record. Tell them about the other rates from other companies.
    Nov 5, 20180
  • eBay eyxitsjtj
    Did you get traffic violation citations and traffic points under your driving history within last 3-5years? OR Is your age under 25? There are other coverage aspects as well that can jackup your rates so make sure you choose correct coverages and limits.

    I (33 yr old) have geico and I pay $565 for 6 months for 2 cars: 2017 Honda Pilot - comprehensive, 2005 Acura RL - liability only. I have bundled home insurance with them as well but I don’t think that the discount benefit on auto insurance is THAT big!
    Nov 5, 20180
  • LinkedIn Gynfrugs
    Op, are your cars Ferraris and you are 18 yrs old?
    Nov 5, 20180
  • Google 2441139
    I'm using eSurance. Not sure if hike affected me yet, but the premium is still 600/6 months for 2 cara. 2.5k seems awefully high
    Nov 5, 20180
  • Qualcomm Jab
    I paid 550$ for 6 months for an Audi A4 2016 model in Cali with Gieco. I had a second car 2018 SUV for a short while and the rate was 1000$ for 6 months for both. Not sure how you pay close to 5k for two a year?
    Nov 5, 20180
  • New Hayran
    In CA the insurance rates have gone up in the last year or so. Your liberal government commission saying something but looking other way when its citizens are screwed by collusion in the utilities and other industries.
    Nov 5, 20180
  • Booz Allen Hamilton / R&D

    Booz Allen HamiltonR&D

    Geico sucks
    Nov 5, 20180
  • Symantec Qzcr14
    I use mercury and pay ~$750 for 6 months for a 2015 Nissan Altima with 6k annual miles, in SoCal.
    Nov 5, 20180

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