Which companies have a better holidays/vacation policy in the US?

Apple hdbkaifga
Dec 5

American holidays + PTO policy
(software engineer position)


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  • Facebook alt_qq
    Note: unlimited doesn't count as a good vacation policy, it's a trap
    Dec 52
    • Gusto xcxcvccxc
      Have you ever had an unlimited policy? I have coworkers who take 6+ weeks off per year.
      Dec 5
    • Apple / Eng


      Strong and built like an Ox
      I had that policy with a startup. They got furious when I took the day off after Thanksgiving. I was not allowed to take the day off after Xmas. Basically their unlimited vacation policy turned into major holidays off only. I had to lie and say I was sick to get a day off. I used that ‘sick’ day to come to California to interview. Will never work for a company with unlimited PTO again.
  • New 0hedge
    Government jobs....plenty of vacation and you get paid out for the days you dont take.
    Dec 53
    • New DuQvV7x
      It’s US law that you get paid out every earned vacation day.
      Dec 5
    • New 0hedge
      Not for "unlimited" pto corps.
      Dec 6
    • New DuQvV7x
      Unlimited PTO is not “earned” time. It’s “available” use time.

      This is an area of settled labor law.
      Dec 7
  • Cruise Automation TheDJT
    Cruise unlimited PTO
    Dec 50
  • Airbnb avqx65
    I’d think probably Spotify has one of the better ones, mostly just because they’re a Sweden based company and Sweden has great wlb culture and ton of time off. At least some of that Swedish culture would have to carry over to their NYC and Boston offices, right?
    Dec 50

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