Which company should I look for in India?

Amazon / Eng amazonTT12
Jul 4 15 Comments

I moved to US last year from India and didn't get much used to here.

The work is great but due to family reasons planning to move back.

Curious as to which company should I look for?
I'm considering Adobe, Microsoft, Uber, Swiggy, Flipkart, Dunzo, Razorpay, etc that I've heard of paying decent. Any reviews?

On that note, is anyone from the above companies hiring?
I'm one of the high performers in my Org, with experience in designing multiple distributed systems across various domains.

TC: 200k Seattle
Expected Role: SDE 3


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  • Amazon / Eng

    Amazon Eng

    Expedia Group, Egencia
    Jul 4 0
  • Rubrik MEsD00
    Rubrik is hiring experienced engineers, and pays freshers more than most of your listed companies.
    I don't know the pay for experienced people though.
    Jul 4 1
    • Microsoft iuYF20
      Is rubrik's Interview difficulty different for industry hires. For new grads, they hire only from top 5 IIT's. Also only the perfect GPA's
      Jul 11
  • ServiceNow ndtv91
    Bangalore - Cohesity, Rubrik, Walmart labs, Nutanix, Atlassian
    Jul 5 2
    • Oracle ddgghh
      Walmart Labs in same league as others you have mentioned ? Online reviews doesn't reflect good engineering culture and quality work with hiring bar taking a hit recently. 3.2 glassdoor rating. Yes good pay and wlb.
      Jul 5
    • ServiceNow ndtv91
      Yaa. Won't be that great. Still decent though.
      Jul 5
  • ServiceNow ndtv91
    I can tell these companies for Hyderabad - Google, Amazon, Uber, Microsoft, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Indeed, Apple
    Jul 5 0
  • Oracle rockOon
    Cohesity nutanix Apple Salesforce to name a few. There are some threads related to this. There are some stealth mode/early startups as well who are paying well with quality work.
    Jul 4 0
  • Amazon / Eng c2g
    Which city
    Jul 4 0
  • Adobe cbz
    Adobe. Ping me for referral
    Jul 24 0
  • BrowserStack pkBW12
    BrowserStack. Ping me for referrals
    Jul 6 0
  • ServiceNow ndtv91
    Fyi, All these companies are hiring
    Jul 5 0
  • Uber urstruly
    Uber is hiring for some of their key platforms like risk,payments and eats in Hyderabad and they are looking for senior tech talent
    Jul 4 0
  • Goldman Sachs oh!
    Amazon is hiring in Bangalore, Goldman is hiring in Bangalore for it's Marcus product

    If you are good, you won't have a problem finding a good job with a Tier 1 company in Bangalore/Hyd/Mumbai
    Jul 4 0
  • Uber / Eng

    Uber Eng

    Uber is hiring in Hyderabad for Sr. Sde
    Jul 4 0