Which good / high profile companies can hire without System Design / Architecture?

VMware zegerman
Feb 28 10 Comments

For an experienced SWE (Sr / Staff)?
LC is fine - actually, I tend to enjoy it. And preparing for it makes you a better engineer.
But system design interview is complete bs, subjective, too contrived and no practical value to prepare.


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  • Microsoft bean count
    Why do you think system design interview is BS?
    Feb 28 0
  • Cisco bitset
    Totally agree on this. System design is bs and is more for people who do nosql dB, Kafka etc in day today activity. It is very unreasonable to expect in depth knowledge from someone who works in entirely different field eg- routing protocols, Hw-Sw, sdk , Linux user apps etc. leetcode is not bs and seems to be a good way to filter out unprepared candidates
    Feb 28 0
  • Oracle now@google
    For a senior position probably none...
    Feb 28 0
  • How does leetcode make you a better engineer. In fact aren't there studies that show competitive programming prowess is inversely proportional to job effectiveness
    Feb 28 3
    • Oracle now@google
      Are there any topics here on Blind about how to become a better engineer?
      Feb 28
    • Tc or gtfo
      Feb 28
    • LinkedIn tendies
      It doesn't. But that's not the point. The point of leetcode is to get better at non design interviews. If companies cared more about design then they wouldn't ask leetcode questions. But most of them don't. They want leetcode robots, not design engineers. And that is their choice.
      Mar 2
  • Facebook mjAj60
    Sys design interview is not BS if you gain relevant experience in designing similar systems. I think this might be hard experience to gain in bigger companies
    Feb 28 2
    • VMware zegerman
      Yes, this is a part of the problem. I guess it's easier for someone who is a "full stack" engineer, who assembles some fairly generic vertical solution from existing open-source products, like a database, a message queue, an rpc library etc.
      If you're doing some fairly specialized part of a large system, of if your company prefers to everything in-house, it's much harder.
      Feb 28
    • Oracle now@google
      If you have a narrow specialization and want to work for a company which hires generalists (like FB or GOOG) then you have to learn this stuff.
      Feb 28