Which one looks better on resume? AMZN or MSFT?

Amazon CantDecide
Jan 31 11 Comments

Was an intern at Amazon, and got offer from Microsoft. Can’t decide between them.



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  • Microsoft y83j
    No big difference for sure. Whoever thinks there is a big difference is just drinking their own company’s kool aid.
    Jan 31 2
    • Dropbox drl/handle
      What about AWS vs Microsoft?
      Jan 31
    • Microsoft xaml
      Working in AWS more likely to give you marketable knowledge — but it’s not because it looks better on resume.

      Good engineers graduate from azure are also hot in market.
      Jan 31
  • Amazon / PR jefe_bezos
    People are hurting for good engineers. Any top 20 company on your resume will likely yield you an interview, at which point your experience and leetcodability is all that matters.

    Maybe if you work at FB you will get a higher initial offer than if you worked at IBM, but you’ll likely get interview opportunities regardless.

    Long story short, nobody cares where as long as you’re doing work that translates well to recruiters’ targeted positions.

    Now if you pull out your laminated resume at the bar to impress the ladies, then obviously Amazon.
    Jan 31 2
    • Microsoft xaml
      Fake news, Amazonian don’t have time for bar 🤪
      Jan 31
    • Bank of America / Other tSWv17
      Amazonion's only "raise the bar"...lol
      Jan 31
  • Microsoft / Eng ThicccBoi
    Team > company imo in terms of what you learn. More likely to get into a slow af team (innovation wise) at microsoft imo but they both have plenty of great SDE positions.
    Jan 31 0
  • Microsoft / Eng shithole2
    Microsoft as it has more alphabets in it's name.
    Jan 31 0
  • Oracle / Eng

    Oracle Eng

    Not CTO
    Depends on org. Azure or AWS more valuable than other orgs in either companies.
    Jan 31 2
    • Dropbox drl/handle
      Maybe according to OCI
      Jan 31
    • Interestingly, GCP is one of the shittier orgs at G
      Jan 31