Which one should I buy: Mercedes GLA or Subaru Outback

Jun 1 17 Comments

Outback is a lot bigger but GLA is more fun. The price is almost the same with Outback leather interior.



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  • Cisco / QA CyberDemon
    don't be a brand whore. get the outback.
    Jun 1 0
  • Deloitte broadway74
    GLA is small, worst gas mileage, no pre collision, and premium gas only. Why on earth would you ever want one

    Oh and then you get gauged with adding options...outback loaded for $30k...always the answer is yes
    Jun 1 0
  • New cbbu61
    get the cheaper one, the cheap models of luxury brands are a waste of money. go gls63 or go home
    Jun 1 1
  • Microsoft itfrfhh
    Check out the forester and ascent too
    Jun 1 0
  • Yahoo / Eng buttercppg
    Fully loaded outback... Won't regret...!!
    Jun 1 0
  • ICU Medical / Mktg

    ICU Medical Mktg

    Trying my own thing but doing something for someone else. 🤷🏼‍♂️
    Jun 1 0
  • Get outback.

    It’s a much order and proven platform.

    GLA is built on a modded A series which they made into a CLA. Then they elevated the car to charge a premium since Americans love their SUV’s.

    And it’s only a few years old.
    Jun 1 1
    • Also it’s built in America to my knowledge. Front engine, front wheel drive with 4matic sending some torque to the rear wheels.

      Jun 1
  • Autodesk / Other -oQo-
    I don't own either car and I don't have preference to either company. Here are some facts.

    Subaru recalls

    Mercedes recalls

    All automakers recall because US has the strictest standard in the world. Subaru Outback recalls more than Mercedes GLA. Subaru is the most popular non-European car brand in Europe due to its all-wheel drive system. But, it does have quality issues. It recently did massive recall in Asia for engine related issues.
    Jun 2 0
  • SpaceX uevh5
    None. Both are jokes.
    Jun 1 2
    • OP
      What is not a joke?
      Jun 1
    • SpaceX uevh5
      Mazda CX-5 if you want cheap and (some) fun with decent interior. Lexus RX 350 for affordable luxury and reliability. Jeep Wrangler for real offroad (and nothing else). But none of these beats the outback in interior space.
      Jun 2
  • New / Ops

    New Ops

    AMA about science or my field
    Merc maintenance is what a lot of buyers forget to consider and end up paying a lot more than they planned
    Jul 17 0
  • Microsoft SatyaClaus
    Why are those the only choices?
    Jun 1 0
  • Workday / Product str
    Wait ... GLA is fun ? The AMG version ?
    Jun 1 0
  • Oath Atinlay2
    Stereotypes exist for a reason
    Jun 1 0