Which small political battles do you have to deal with usually as a Senior/Principal Engineer

T-Mobile just add
Mar 11 11 Comments

The ones that scar you but don't kill you.

Tc 150k
Yoe 8


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  • Microsoft notya
    “Quantifying impact” ... aka: doing our managers’ jobs so they can go into Thunderdome, er, “calibration” with some objective data.
    Mar 111
    • Microsoft guess_who
      If you get really unlucky with your manager at Microsoft, this might start quite a while before you hit senior
      Mar 11
  • Primarily around maintaining code quality. It isn’t something Juniors and management care much about.
    Mar 111
    • Facebook / Engbushdid119
      I would argue that some juniors care about code quality a bit too much (their definition of code quality at least)
      Mar 11
  • Google / Eng


    14 yoe engineer in tech
    Senior in google, in search. 0 politics at my level.
    Mar 113
  • T-Mobile WozniAK
    Just the sheer ignorance of some Principal and senior engineers amazes me. Clean code is an optional NFR for many 🙄
    The moment people realize you are technically superior they cut down interactions with you and guard stuff with their life.
    Mar 111
    • You sound arrogant and narrow minded. You should work on your soft skills. People are shutting off from you because of your personality, not because of your code.
      Mar 11
  • Microsoft


    Taco Bell, Campbell Soup, Jack in the Box
    At principal it is all about defending turf without pissing off peers in other orgs that you will need to rely on for a future deliverable. You give some and take some. Knowing which ones to give is key. You can’t always escalate to leadership and have them solve your shit for you.
    Mar 110

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