Who is hiring in large numbers in Jan-Feb at London?

Flipkart nxcbsdnxhd
Jan 6

Software engineers.


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  • Juniper Pliny Jr.
    Jan 61
  • Babylon
    Jan 72
    • Flipkart Godfather2
      Never heard of it before. I am from India.
      Jan 7
    • You've heard of it now
      Jan 7
  • Bloomberg *** DELETE
    What do you mean ‘in large numbers’? You moving your whole team/group/company? 😂
    Jan 81
    • Flipkart Godfather2
      Hahaha, no. Just Increasing my probability of getting hired :)
      Jan 8
  • Facebook Ddsdgrahfd
    If you are interspersed in a referral, dm me a link of your resume.
    Jan 61
    • Oracle ifvjwaxgvc
      Is fb hiring 2-3 yr exp people too?
      Jan 12

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