Who is the strongest among Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva?

Apple NP Hard
Dec 6

Who do you think is the strongest amongst them?



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  • Microsoft Hksbdh
    I would stop imagining them like some kind of superheroes from the Indian cinematic universe and understand that they're more like the 3 facets of nature that define our existence
    Dec 61
    • Microsoft Mr 🌏
      Indian cinematic universe LOL
      Dec 6
  • Salesforce / Other


    Facebook, Netflix
    am indian and let me tell you, being indian is actually a great thing. we have beautiful people and we have ugly people. just like any race. I for 1 am a great person, have great friends, and i take care of every one that is in my life and i am glad to do it, and for that i have people that love me around me. also, indian parents are one of the best parents you can have. sometimes they can be really strict, but they will take care of you no matter what, and they will buy you what ever it is that you
    Dec 63
    • Apple EXQB54
      You sure told us
      Dec 6
    • New / EngSANTA 🎅
      You will not get presents from Santa 🎅
      Dec 6
    • Google / EngUUKg61
      Just replace Indian with something like white and see how racist your post is to an outsider. Your sample size of 1 does not mean anything for a country of 1.2 billion people where child abuse is everywhere. Please stop generalizing the word Indian.
      Dec 6
  • McAfee JohnMcPee
    You can think of them in terms of the lifecycle of an object.

    Brahma - The Creator
    Vishnu - The Preserver
    Shiva - The Destroyer

    I would say Shiva is the strongest, as objects not destroyed would not make it available to the garbage collector. YMMV.
    Dec 62
  • Amazon lolwhat
    Eru Iluvatar is the strongest. Although Thanos could be stronger as long as he has all 6 stones.
    Dec 60
  • This comment was deleted by original commenter.

    • Google / EngBluths
      I mean I am all for inappropriate jokes but they gotta be funny bro
      Dec 6
  • Twitter Chodu
    Dec 60
  • Proofpoint / Eng


    How come one god can be stronger than other. God fighting each other
    Dec 60
  • Amazon / Engpoconos
    One Punch Man.
    Dec 60
  • Facebook qtcusiqbk
    Whichever one knows to poo in the loo
    Dec 60

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