Who moved from small hedge fund to FANG?

Facebook / Eng zuck1573
Mar 6 6 Comments

Considering to try an engineering role in some small hedge fund. I’ve seen many people who moved from FANG to relatively small fintech companies (like two sigma, GSA Capital, other <50 people companies) but I don’t know anyone who came from there.

Is anybody here who moved from such company to a big one? Why? Is it so good to work there or I just happened not to know people who left that realm?


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TOP 6 Comments
  • Google / Ops Huhf13
    I don't think two sigma is thought of as a small tech company
    Mar 6 3
    • Facebook / Eng zuck1573
      I should have made it clear that I mean “and fintech companies where engs are are not treated as second class citizens”
      Mar 6
    • AQR 18Gx71
      There are only probably < 5 such firms. Js, 2s, de shaw, hrt. You can filter those for past companies in linkedin, and set current companies to fb/g
      Mar 6
    • Google / Ops Huhf13
      Mar 9
  • Uber selon
    Following. Op there’s a big difference between hedge funds and fintech startups. Which type are you looking for?
    Mar 6 1
    • Facebook / Eng zuck1573
      I don’t mean startups. I mean well doing hedge funds of small size / which treat engineers goos enough.
      Mar 6


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