Who pays Software Engineers more: Uber or Lyft?

New qWBv24
Jan 29 13 Comments


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  • Microsoft widbfbrh
    Lyft is a way better company.
    Jan 29 5
    • Uber DyJKbcf
      Prepare better next time
      Jan 29
    • Microsoft widbfbrh
      Why would I want to work at Uber? Seriously, sell me on that.
      Jan 29
    • Uber DyJKbcf
      I've seen your posts, your just hate on all the Uber threads.
      Jan 29
    • Microsoft !2?272$2)
      @widbfbrh you want to work at Uber because you failed the interviews and now you’re salty 😊
      Jan 29
    • LinkedIn glasscave
      Big if true
      Jan 29
  • Amazon JSnowflake
    Moreover, Lyft doesn't seem to scale well at the higher end of the experience spectrum. They are still very much a one product company and just don't need it.
    Jan 29 0
  • Uber bjkhgd
    Less desirable companies need to pay more to attract talent.
    Jan 29 3
    • Microsoft / Eng caltrop
      By that logic Netflix is less desirable than Cisco
      Jan 29
    • Uber bjkhgd
      Netflix pays a good base. That’s all. Once you take into all the equity you don’t get, they don’t actually have great comp.
      Jan 30
    • AppDynamics / Eng software g
      Uber and Lyft need to attract similar level of talent. Lyft is relatively less desirable than uber and hence pay more. Netflix and Cisco are not comparable since they go after different level of talent.
      Feb 4
  • Akamai Technologies / Eng Trn
    Depends on when you drive. Surcharge varies
    Jan 29 0
  • Apple / Eng
    Fair Oaks

    Apple Eng

    Fair Oaksmore
    I drive for both.
    Jan 29 0