Who was that trading genius that bought today’s gap-up open with market orders?

Ayasdi ioUp78
Dec 3, 2018



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  • eBay CEbi00
    OP can you clarify details about your post plz
    Dec 8, 20180
  • Google alumnius
    How does that actually work?
    Dec 3, 20180
  • Ayasdi ioUp78
    Someone was here last night bragging that he/she is going to buy the “good” news using market orders
    Dec 3, 20180
  • New / EngRhpJ71
    Half of your gains are coming from the suckers anyways.
    Dec 3, 20180
  • Microsoft / EngCapitalism
    The one that bought my sell orders.
    Dec 3, 20180
  • Intel UGeJ58
    Rich Chinese investors that always drive our stock market
    Dec 3, 20180

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