Who’s a data analyst?

Sep 19 3 Comments

few questions:

Are you trying to become a data scientist?
Bachelors, Masters, PhD?
Do you analyze data for fun?
Should someone work there way to become a data analyst or strive to become a data scientist in order to land a job?


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TOP 3 Comments
  • Credit Karma

    Credit Karma

    I do not analyze data for fun, but I get paid money by a company to analyze data.
    Sep 19 0
  • New ballsy
    Data analyst is secretary of data. They write SQL queries. Data scientist is new branding of that, people with cs background doing SQL queries. When you get to titles with ML, things are different though.
    Sep 19 1
    • Walmart sentient
      Yep. This is true. Data Scientist roles at most companies are just glorified data analyst roles. The comp speaks for itself.
      Oct 5