Who’s in non-tech finance positions? What do you do?

Chase AAxo87
May 13 18 Comments

Just want to feel this community out. I am a financial analyst myself but most people seem like engineers. Who are the non-engineers here?


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TOP 18 Comments
  • Twitch Im_dumb_af
    Non tech people are faking useless
    May 131
  • Bloomberg WPslayer
    TC or GTFO!
    May 140
  • Morgan Stanley qTeB67
    I work in the non-working division and I dont do any work lol
    May 140
  • Citibank bDGE50
    Portfolio Management
    May 140
  • Bank of America Quackers
    I work in risk
    May 140
  • Finance Director. Enjoy analyzing the comments from engineers 😁
    May 130
  • Morgan Stanley bricknmore
    Financial advisor. I am just here for the laughs lol
    May 130
  • Chase AAxo87
    Also wanted to tag Capital One since I see a lot of folks here but tags are limited to 3!
    May 130
  • Wells Fargo 8020BB
    Growth hacker & marketing for consumer lending products

    TC - about 300k
    YOE - 12
    May 160
  • Strategic FP&A and PM on ERP system implementation.

    TC: 105k
    YOE: 5
    May 150
  • Capital One EAD
    Auto Finance Sales Division
    May 140
  • Capital One Hey_Now
    Product Manager
    May 140
  • Bank of America canpl
    Financial Advisor(FA) to be 😅; studying for Licenses..
    I’m here to know tech environment for easy transition if I don’t make it as a FA 🤣
    May 140
  • Citibank twotimer
    Portfolio risk management
    May 140
  • PNC cgOo17
    Corporate Banking
    May 140
  • Capital One bbrjd344
    Product Designer
    May 140
  • Wells Fargo LrkE78
    I’m in marketing.
    May 140

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