Why OpenDoor doesn’t do Bay Area?

Workday / Engefficient
Jan 8

Been waiting for their Bay Area offering for years... why aren’t they in the market?


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  • Twitch nLheScT
    I feel like their value prop is fast liquidity. In bay area you can already sell a house in a week so whats the point
    Jan 82
    • OpenDoor Yyyyyyyyy
      Jan 8
    • Workday / Engefficient
      Hum as a buyer I am very much appreciated in the convenience of buying via opendoor though
      Jan 8
  • OpenDoor / EngMhBB55
    We recently acquired OpenListings which aims to make the buying experience more painless. Their service is available in a few markets in CA.

    We typically only buy houses in the 100-500k price range, so buying in the range of 3-5x that is much riskier for us. Operationally, Bay Area would be much more complex as well. The value prop of us buying houses rings less valuable for the Bay Area as well, as others have mentioned.
    Jan 90
  • Verizon TheRealOJ
    Small ass?
    Jan 80

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