Why are Waymo offers so low?

New uIFp15
Jul 2 8 Comments

I'm interested in moving into the AV space soon, of which Waymo seems the clear winner for now, but reading through Blind, their offers seem really low in comparison to other AV companies.

Base is lower than average, and even if Waymo wins big in the future (HUGE if), 10xing on 20k worth of RSUs and options a year still puts you at a lower salary than if you just joined Google.

How do they hire and retain engineers like this?


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  • Facebook / Mgmt vjuiu
    If you haven't noticed, Alphabet is under pressure to tighten finances. You can search all of the cost cutting measures at Google as well.
    Jul 2 2
    • Microsoft


      This. The gravy train is over. It's already started with low-ball offers and extremely limited headcount. Expect to see more cost savings in the future.
      Jul 2
    • Airbnb bchestkey
      It’s real
      Jul 2
  • Lyft done2
    Because if you pass someone else will take it
    Jul 2 1
    • New uIFp15
      I mean that's just as true for Google or any other big tech company right?
      Jul 2
  • Amazon klulez
    They don’t NEED you.
    Jul 2 0
  • Google / Eng pcdizzy
    It's going the way of gamedev. It's cool and way too many qualified people want to do it, so supply/demand dictates they don't have to pay you top dollar any more
    Jul 2 0
  • Google UquV75
    Any Googler moved to Waymo SWE or PM and can say if the base changed and what is the way RSU/options are given? let's say if google RSU 4 year grant was 200K and you move in year 2, what is the expected option value I will get if I moved? (0 because they assume I already have google RSU so why bother?)
    Sep 19 0


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