Why are so many employees leaving Grab Singapore?

Amazon grabprod
Jul 5 15 Comments

I recently joined Grab Singapore as a product manager.Many people around me are leaving Grab and others are on their way out.Does anyone know what is the problem?Should I look for other jobs?


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  • Grab


    Grab leaders don't care about employees. Employees are just money making machine. They don't care if people leave. Because anyway, they are getting new hires.
    I remember, in a townhall, question was being asked to Anthony regarding why only 'customer first', why not 'grabber first'?
    As usual, they promise 'grabber' will be their top priority. But never actually reflected. It's just not in the culture.
    Jul 8 0
  • Amazon grabprod
    I know in Grab people complain about bureaucracy,lack of work life balance, no HR policies but I am not sure if people are leaving because of these?
    Jul 5 4
    • Indeed UYDX18
      I worked there. It was the worst workplace I’ve ever experienced. Bureaucracy, passive aggressive colleagues and unhelpful HR made me really miserable.

      There might be other reasons why they leave. For example Singaporeans tend to change jobs frequently. It’s easier to get a higher pay somewhere else than a promotion at your current job.
      Jul 5
    • Grab Ssatay
      ^^^^^^ This!
      Jul 5
    • Grab / Product walruswolf
      Yeah, main reasons to leave for me are mainly because of the company culture and lack of right leadership. Their HR team is the mess, they are honest and hard working people, but lack of experience and still amateur
      Jul 6
    • Grab kasi50
      Most are immature. They are passive aggressive. HR is super unhelpful. Work life balance is nonexistent. Heavy bureaucracy.
      Aug 24
  • Amazon amznexgrab
    I am ex grab I hated the place - bad management,zero work-life balance,low pay compared to FANG and continuous attrition.Its pathetic.
    Jul 21 1
    • Visa / Eng Jdmfe
      I mean it is hard to get into FANG esp in Singapore since they are not hiring aggresively. I think they pay pretty good compared with company like Paypal; Visa etc. Also I believe Amazon and Netflix is not hiring SWE in Singapore. While FB and Google is in hiring freeze, they only hire E3 most of the time. Apple has limited opportunities.
      Jul 25
  • Amazon amazon2019
    I was in Grab it is the worst company ever - bad culture,bad leadership. Any Grab employees around? If yes can you chime in with your opinion on this thread? Also include why are you not leaving?
    Jul 8 0
  • Grab / Eng rqFY56
    I work at Grab. One of the more consumer facing teams. Work is good. Work life balance is good, but I will be leaving in 6 months because pay is very uneven. I get an "exceeds expectations" review but my pay is considerably less than what others get.

    Also most of the people are leaving because management has no idea what they are doing. Plenty of good engineers and nice teams.
    Jul 21 1
    • Grab / Eng

      Grab Eng

      I think they expect you to get a super review.
      Jul 21
  • Grab O’Brien
    I am working at Grab. I believe work life balance depends on a team and manager especially. I am quite okay with the team and with my manager. Sometimes I hate my job but it is because of my role only. All employers consider employees as a resource of making money.
    Jul 9 0
  • SkedGo / Eng

    SkedGo Eng

    Leetcoding, solved 300 problems
    People around you are PMs?
    Jul 5 0
  • New / Eng alpha9
    Why are you asking community if you should leave or not

    You should listen to yourself man, if you like it or not and align with your goals
    Jul 6 0
  • Amazon grabprod
    Many functions PMs,software engineers etc are on their way out.Is there some news that I am not aware of or is it just burnout?
    Jul 5 0