Why are you doing this to me , Google Hiring Managers?

IEEE / IT Alov
Oct 8 15 Comments

I have applied to 2 IT positions at google and I keep getting ”We carefully reviewed your background and experience, and decided not to proceed with your application.”

The first position was for the Information Technology Residency Program in 2018, and the Information Technology intern position in 2019.

My resume is clearly good. Great job and internship experiences, 3 industry-recognized certifications (CompTIA A+, Security +, and CCNA R&S, and I clearly read and met all the requirements in the job description before I applied (plus I had to pay $100 just to review and tailor my resume because of the rejection in 2018).

I applied for the first time without an Associate of Applied Science degree in cybersecurity, and now with an Associate of Applied Science degree in Cybersecurity and a full-time enrollment in a four year computer science major (I am a junior). 3.85 GPA, and extensive extracurricular activities.

Why I am not getting called for an interview? Because I didn't and I'm not currently attending a top college? I personally believe Google is only hiring from top schools reason is that I checked for ”Information Technology Intern at Google” on Linkedin, members who appeared on the job search are all from top schools or went to top schools.


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  • Marvell / Eng HCiH86
    Who do you think you are?
    Oct 8 5
    • IEEE / IT Alov
      I'm nothing, but I clearly meet all the requirements in the job description. I do. To be fair, if I meet the description I should at least get an interview.
      Oct 8
    • Dell iJmr65
      There are a lot of very entitled people on this platform. I personally hope you get humbled, hard. You'll be a better man for it.
      Oct 8
    • Google !Yahoo
      Google gets tons of submissions for the internships- no way could they give everyone an interview that meets requirements.

      Graduate then apply for a full time SDE - based on your resume you'll probably get a call!
      Oct 8
    • IEEE / IT olokomuyo
      @!Yahoo, I agree. Sure, I'll explore that option.

      iJmr65, I may come off as entitled because of the tone of my writing, but I'm seriously pained.
      Oct 8
    • Quantcast cECE03
      Bro you’re lined cuz you’re entitled. You think you deserve this, that they owe you just because you meet the requirements. Thousands of people apply to Google internships. 100% you didn’t even reviewed by a human without a top 10 on your resume.
      Oct 8
  • Verizon nsIA64
    You are one of many who “meet all the requirements”and applied, just cause of that fact doesn’t mean you at least get an interview. Some do , some don’t...keep applying
    Oct 8 1
    • IEEE / IT olokomuyo
      Thank you. I exhausted my 3 applications for this month. I'll keep applying.
      Oct 8
  • Google / Eng stty
    What exactly does "IT" do at Google? Is this referring to the tech stop? Everyone else I know is an SWE. Have you thought about applying as Software Engineering Intern? I'd bet there are way more positions to fill than in tech stop
    Oct 8 2
    • IEEE / IT olokomuyo
      Yes, the tech support team. I don't have a strong background in coding. I only know how to script and write some code in Python, and know some C. It's because of my lack of ability to code that I went back to school again to get a comp sci degree. I don't apply for the software engineering position yet because I don't meet some of the requirements. I haven't taken an Algorithm and Data Structure yet. This is my first semester in CS, so doing gen eds had one class in math.
      Oct 8
    • Google / Eng stty
      You don't need school to teach you how to code. Just practice. Get on leetcode and start grinding 'em

      We also have a thing called STEP internships for people who even barely code, you'd totally qualify if you can dabble a bit with python and C. Though I think it's more of a diversity thing and they care more about lady parts than code
      Oct 8
  • Google / Eng d3j88wq
    Message recruiters or ask for a referral on blind (but better change your username first because you sound pretty entitled here)
    Oct 8 1
    • IEEE / IT olokomuyo
      Thanks! I am deeply pained that's why I sound entitled. I get your point.
      Oct 8
  • New / Eng

    New Eng

    Symantec, Microsoft
    Wow. Talk about entitlement reform being needed here!

    You think you’re valuable to the company and they think otherwise because they have a hiring criteria different than your expectations.
    So now you want to mix politics with supporting Warren just so she can satisfy your ego? Get real man. Companies are not required to hire you.

    Do you have any idea what that will do to the workplace? Take a look at MSFT- experienced hires are the exception now due to extreme toxicity being fueled by the so called D&I hiring slate compulsion by HR, all thanks to Fat Pumpkin
    Oct 8 1


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