Why do RCGs and people in their 20s live in SF?

Amazon HouseBezos
Mar 7 10 Comments

Why are most youngsters living in SF? It seems like a dirty city with bad weather. They are willing to lengthen their commute just to live in SF...

What's wrong with Mountain View or Palo Alto? South Bay? Why do they have less youngsters?


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  • Because SF has nightlife and single women. Living your 20s in the suburbs is to miss out on the best things about that life stage.
    Mar 71
  • This comment was deleted by original commenter.

    • Salesforce bingo$&@
      Recent college grads ?
      Mar 7
    • Apple / Eng


      No one cool uses this acronym
      Mar 7
    • Cadence / ProductBettyLove
      Very common term
      Mar 7
  • Intel iverso
    I was surprised by how boring the Valley was when I visited in 2017. You have to drive everywhere, and NIMBYs prevent density which contributes to a dynamic environment. San Francisco, despite all of it's problems, is a great American city. Oakland ain't bad either.
    Mar 70
  • Intel uqmf38
    Vibrant environment. Go see some shows at Make Out Room or The Saloon (oldest SF bar) in Northbeach. I would not live or park in SF bc petty crime is rampant.
    Mar 70
  • Uber v1per
    Not every part of SF is dirty. I have so many colleagues and team mates who think Soma and market Street is SF.
    Mar 71
  • Facebook / Engbushdid119
    As many already pointed out - where else in the Bay Area can you enjoy the kind of life that a young person wants? I am very glad I spent my mid 20s in an urban city elsewhere though.
    Mar 80

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