Why do people get fired from Netflix?

Amazon eacanor
Jan 25 31 Comments

I am considering moving to Netflix. But I see a lot of posts saying people get fired from Netflix pretty soon. Is this true?

Those who managed to stick around, what did you do differently? Those who were fired, why were you fired?


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TOP 31 Comments
  • Amazon dotard
    A's only. B+ == F
    Jan 255
    • Amazon eacanor
      Can you please be more specific? How would you or Netflix define an A?
      Jan 25
    • New Sluu
      Do you work for Netflix ? So everyone there is an A ?
      Jan 25
    • Netflix lACX63
      Not true, there are a lot of Cs here now. We’ve become too big. Cs are mainly in LA though so we can avoid them up here in the Bay.
      Jan 25
    • New Sluu
      What is the bottom % that is fired every year ?
      Jan 25
    • Netflix osd
      We are not Adobe. And even they stop doing that shit.

      If you are good, you do not need to worry.
      Jan 26
  • Google wtfht
    Can anyone from Netflix answer?
    Jan 251
  • Nextdoor Z5gk3z
    Not doing the needful.
    Jan 250
  • Microsoft richardhea
    Fast fingers. Gotta stuff those DVDs in the envelopes.
    Jan 250
  • Pinterest seenitall
    They would rather hire than move existing employees. Think of it as contracting rather than FTE: the money is great, but do not expect loyalty or consideration
    Jan 250
  • Intel gjakm
    But it seems they give 4 months to look for another job instead of harassing people till the day they're kicked out.
    Jan 250
  • Tumblr Olajuwo

    Though seeing as to how you can’t google this, you probably wouldn’t last there.
    Jan 251
    • Paychex cout
      Damn they have such a culture. So encouraging. I hope someday I join them or find a team like that.
      Jan 26
  • Google eXNB63
    For finishing project very well and then not being needed anymore
    Jan 250
  • Finale Inventory huHG50
    NPR interviewed a higher up at Netflix. Forget her name but she said they don't fire you, they have you "move on" once your project is done instead of having you switch to working on a different project.
    Jan 251
    • Microsoft iamainot
      Sounds like typical management bs
      Jan 25
  • TIAA DWmw20
    It’s either FIRE or FIRED
    Jan 250
  • Netflix DiKI02
    I’ve seen a few fires here at Netflix but primarily at the manager or director level. Ive heard it’s tougher if you’re in management. Because of our open feedback culture, you can ask your manager what they expect from an “A player” and how they perceive you as a performer and go from there. I think understanding what your manager’s expect from you is the key to hack your way through Netflix.
    I’ve also noticed the more tenured employees are harder to fire because the context they bring.
    Feb 100
  • RingCentral Duck-Bezos
    They only fire if you are not a cultural match.

    Or not a good fit in the team.
    Jan 250
  • Glassdoor zrooper
    op may god have mercy on your soul
    Jan 250
  • F5 Networks Op64em
    I've heard about Netflix's reputation for firing people, but they pay well, it's cash (so you don't have to worry about stock price), and you get four months of your top-of-market pay to find another job if you don't cut it. And you get to look for work with Netflix on your resume. Seems pretty reasonable, if you go in with your eyes wide open and don't spend money like an idiot.
    Jan 253
    • Tumblr Olajuwo
      The cash part is Myth. They let you choose.
      Jan 25
    • Microsoft AI_69
      who wouldn’t choose the cash
      Jan 25
    • Tumblr Olajuwo
      People who believe the stock will go up?
      Jan 25
  • Microsoft zarabug18
    They only take the high performers , and once you are no longer considered a high performer they let you go. Minimum 4 month severance I think. They pay above market but you apparently run hard the entire time. If you can get in there typically you are top of the pack.
    Jan 251
  • Amazon geezz
    I think Netflix takes the Amazon's PIP culture to next level. Although cutting bottom out happens in other companies too in some other way but it is not as brutal as these too.
    Jan 251
    • Amazon bandwagon
      Their turnover rate is the same or less than our LE target last year.

      This year our LE target rate is only 5%, which is nothing.

      Our pip culture is overblown.
      Jan 26
  • Netflix login
    Same as everywhere.
    Jan 260
  • New fksLsns
    They give you four months of pay. So at least you can find something within this time.
    Jan 250

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