Why does Google cancel many of its products so often?

Mar 13 14 Comments

Over the years, I've mourned the loss of some of my favorite Google products: Gtalk, Hangout, Picasa, Google+ (yes, even that one)... to name a few. What's the reason for this?

Is it because it's not as noticeable when other companies do it? Or is it because Google is not good at maintaining successful products?

One opinion I've heard in the past was that Google makes so much $$$$ with Adwords that it can afford to waste resources on failed products. True or False?

Other thoughts?


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TOP 14 Comments
  • Amazon jefe_bezos
    Throw shit at a wall and see what sticks.
    Mar 131
    • Intel / EngDonaldDD's
      The tried and true method from our fellow primate ancestors. The very first example of the scientific method
      Mar 14
  • New MMDDYY
    I loved inbox, sad to see it go
    Mar 130
  • Okta doomsday
    Because they can
    Mar 130
  • Facebook ap17
    Note that products that arenโ€™t impactful relative to other opportunities in the company lose interest from employees because thereโ€™s no career growth. Lack of talent will eventually cease the product.
    Mar 131
  • Google


    external branding, internal morale, impact (make better use of engineers' time to generate more $ elsewhere), shareholders satisfaction
    Mar 130
  • Shutterstock kudabobb
    True but even Google needs to prune its search
    Mar 130
  • New monomo
    Because they flop. Some are super redundant and meaningless. Example?
    Google Allo, Google Hangouts, Google Duo, Google Hangouts Chat. They're all one and the same lol
    Mar 130
  • SAP


    I climb the stairs every morning. The elevator is for Democrats!
    Itโ€™s showing that they mean business. Most products fail anyways. So they roll over whatโ€™s valuable into newer concepts. My hypothesis. I like them for that
    Mar 130
  • Because they're not good?
    Mar 131
  • Amazon / Engn0v
    Google doesn't have appropriate process for analyzing the market and determining products that customers actually want. Perhaps also why there hasn't been a successful (>1billion) in house (non acquisition) product in about 15 years.
    Mar 140
  • Microsoft MSFTBRO
    Wait hangout is dead? I had the app for like years
    Mar 130

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