Why don't the Canada geese actually migrate south?

Amazon NoColusion
Mar 27 12 Comments

These Canada geese stay in Boston all year round! Whats up with that!


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TOP 12 Comments
  • Northrop Grumman / Eng HowCouldYu
    Probably the realest question on here
    Mar 27 0
  • Facebook Probe
    Can't solve this LC hard, where can I find the solution?
    Mar 27 0
  • MailChimp botanical
    For them Boston is south
    Mar 27 0
  • Amazon cestlavie
    Because they’ll get made into winter jackets
    Mar 27 0
  • Amazon lolwhat
    Because that's just how it is.
    Mar 27 0
  • Google camelCase
    Boston is south of Canada
    Mar 27 2
    • Amazon NoColusion
      But they r here all year round!!
      Mar 27
    • Google camelCase
      Maybe TC is fatter there?
      Mar 27
  • Apple KGHP41
    They’ve adapted to the cold. Evolution you see. Unfortunately if you’re US educated you may not know what that is.
    Mar 27 0
  • Facebook pxghk
    They are in rest and vest mode
    Mar 27 0
  • Oath xxxcd
    You fed them too much white breads.
    Mar 27 0
  • Apple KGHP41
    They can’t get a US visa?
    Mar 28 0


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