Why is everyone in Seattle always high

Cisco CiscoRock
Jan 1 25 Comments

Weed, coke, heroin, alcohol

It's insane. Fuck Seattle.


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  • Microsoft omanuch
    No, they are high only on Leetcode
    Jan 1 0
  • Overstock.com dvaN82
    Gotta love the ignorance. This is planet earth. People do drugs. Would you prefer everyone be just like you? Is LA, Portland, Boston, SF, Miami, Atlanta, etc any different? Fuck planet earth? Ever heard of the drug war? It’s a thing only because earthlings like to do drugs!

    In each of these cities there are just as many people that don’t do drugs as there are that do. You have to go to those places these people hang out though or they won’t exist in your life and it will feel like “everyone” is always high.

    So, before you go sticking your dick in Seattle - check you’re perspective.

    Or, in other words...step out of your tech bubble where people are turning to drugs and alcohol because their jobs suck.

    At least you’re not complaining about the rain.
    Jan 1 2
    • Cisco CiscoRock
      The drug (and liberal) problem is way worse in Seattle
      Jan 2
    • Overstock.com dvaN82
      What are you basing this on? Your own perspective that things must be worse where you are because you are experiencing them?

      Try doing at least a little research, before you spout BS and imply it’s fact.

      Washington state has one of the lowest addiction rates in the country. How did you even get a job at Cisco?

      Higher than NYC? Stay on the adderall...maybe smoke a joint.

      “Chicago, New York and Boston have the highest heroin-related hospital admissions in the country, and Baltimore and San Francisco have the highest numbers of heroin addicts and heroin-related crime of any cities in the nation, according to the DEA”

      By the way if you think it’s the liberals that are shilling the opiates you must be smoking crack, nerd.

      Finally, some of the best people that made the most of a difference at Cisco used LSD heavily while working on problems way over your head!

      You are a crybaby. It’s you, not Seattle.
      Jan 2
  • Amazon 46+2
    Fuck you and fuck off! Weed is god.
    Jan 2 0
  • New monomo
    Then what about San FranFuckisco?
    Jan 1 0
  • Lyft aWBv38
    Because people don't talk to each other or see the sun. They get high and watch Netflix. That's hiking for ya. (who goes hiking in freezing weather anyways?)
    Jan 2 1
    • Cisco CiscoRock
      No one talks and no sun
      Jan 2
  • Symantec O (1)
    Because they need somthing to cheer'em up. Weather ain't one of those
    Jan 1 0
  • Microsoft / Eng Tier 1
    Weed is just Seattle’s thing.

    Coke is more of an east coast thing.
    Jan 1 0
  • Microsoft whyphucka
    You forgot about meth
    Jan 1 0
  • Cisco Infensus
    Shut up nerd
    Jan 1 1
    • Microsoft YsTJ07
      You can't even reply to a post... How did you get a job in tech?
      Jan 2
  • eBay / Eng

    eBay Eng

    Wait till you come to LA
    Jan 1 0
  • Chewy / Ops

    Chewy Ops

    Chewy, Interactions
    seeking more opportunity for growth and development.
    Seattle is one of the rainiest places on the West coast, so I could see how access to wealth in combination with dreary weather would lead some folks to self medicate. People do drugs everywhere - in a flyover state, the drugs are much less fancy (weed, meth, opiates, pills, and alcohol).
    Jan 2 0
  • Yahoo iWbf35
    Wait... you think it’s different in the Bay Area? If anything it’s just a little bit more taboo here so people are not as open about it. Seattle is a very liberal town so I could see some crowds being more open about use.
    Jan 2 0
  • Microsoft Big Pun
    Im high right now dawg
    Jan 2 0
  • Tesla / Other fakamaka
    Cause Seattle is depressive
    Jan 2 0
  • Qualtrics aJOl73
    Why does that affect you?
    Jan 1 0
  • Microsoft Big Pun
    Yes don’t come here.
    Jan 1 1
    • Vertivco / Eng

      Vertivco Eng

      Youtube, American Bureau of Shipping, Facebook
      Why is the Bay Area even higher?
      Jan 2
  • Apple fu manchu
    The weather is the worst. Drives people into chemical dependencies.
    Jan 2 0
  • Heroin is bad. Just saying.
    Jan 2 0
  • Tesla / QA
    Le Tigre

    Tesla QA

    Le Tigremore
    It’s so cold and grey
    Jan 2 0
  • Amazon what¿
    OP, are you in Seattle?
    Are you high?
    Jan 1 0

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