Why modern apartments and offices all have naked/exposed concrete and pipes that look like factory?

Microsoft trollExp
Mar 14 5 Comments

Is that a design trend that most modern apartments and tech company offices have naked concrete without paint? It's ugly as fuck! Who started such design trend or is it just to save the cost of paint? I want to personally buy a few gallons of paint and paint these walls myself.


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  • Compass / Eng

    Compass Eng

    It’s the “Brooklyn aesthetic”
    Mar 14 0
  • Microsoft / Eng ty3scv2z
    Do we have that in MS? Whoever invented the open office should be made to sit inside fart ladden gutter!
    Mar 14 0
  • SpaceX uevh5
    It started as a cost cutting but not anymore. To have an exposed concrete surface that doesn't look terrible you need to do a lot of sanding and polishing and filling small cracks and holes and that's not cheap. If you decide to simply paint it it would still look bad without surface prep.

    My guess is some lazy ass convinced people that the "industrial" feel in an office translates to "we are doing some serious shit and we are not afraid to get our hands dirty"
    Mar 14 0
  • Intel / Eng

    Intel Eng

    logic design Engineer. other interests photography, travelling, hiking, exotic food, tech. travelled 30+ countries and 7 continents.
    U might be 10 years behind times atleast. Condos have been doung that for awhile.
    Mar 14 0
  • Gigamon / Eng

    Gigamon Eng

    what's th is
    Lol..saw that in facebook. It sucks
    Mar 14 0