Will I get an interview in HFT if I'm not from top tier college?

New hjkO62
Sep 19 8 Comments

I'm aiming to get into HFT companies like Jane Street, Citadel, Two sigma or if I can't get in them then FAANG.
I'm wondering will I ever get a call from recruiter if I'm not from a top tier University. How can I get a phone interview with these companies without a referral?
This is for SDE.


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  • Sphera sniffles
    Yes you can still get an interview. Heavy on statistics and coding
    Sep 19 4
    • New hjkO62
      They ask statistics for Software engineer also?
      Sep 19
    • Sphera sniffles
      Yeah. If you want to get into hft and quant jobs you have to know both and finance extremely well.
      Sep 19
    • Jane Street Capital JBoC63
      Depends on the company. Software developers don’t need to know math here
      Sep 19
    • Citadel Securities / Eng bluetiger
      Used to be more statistics but I wouldn’t expect that any more. At the very most you will get probability questions (like brainteasers) but even that would be unlikely. Usually it’s just leetcode and system design questions.
      Sep 20
  • Top tier college helps in getting an interview only in one dimension. For example, if you are from no-name college, but are Kaggle Grandmaster, you will for sure get an interview as a quant. Or, for example, if you are from no-name college, but contribute regularly to C++ standard, you will for sure get an SWE interview.

    You do not need a good college to be an exceptional ninja, but people from good colleges are ninjas with higher probability.

    Edit: some hiring managers hire people exclusively from top-4 college for whatever reason. You are not able to be hired by this manager. There is a good answer on Quora by Vladimir Novakovski about a hiring manager from Citadel who graduated the shittest college but hired only top-4 alumni.
    Sep 19 0
  • New hjkO62
    Also for the people from HFT what did you do to study for the interviews.
    What books and websites do you recommend other than leetcode?
    Sep 19 1
    • New / Eng fangmula
      I interviewed before, you need to be good at statistic. Can expect probability questions
      Sep 19